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Is there an office rivalry that needs settling once and for all?

Do the boys think they could beat the girls or do you need a bit of competition to liven things up in the office?

Think your team could take the pressure with only 60 minutes to beat the locks? 

If you are looking to put your team to the test by placing them in Bury's most immersive escape room then you need to look no further... 

As part of our team building events, Compendium Escape Room's can put your team to the test in a fun and challenging environment. 

At Compendium Escape Room's #1 Escape room in Bury we can offer you an experience like no other... wether you are an experienced leader or a new member of the team we can offer you a fully immersive experience, do you think you are up for the challenge? 

Team building in an escape room can do the following for teams like yours, 

  • Developing and creating strong professional relationships. 

  • Bringing forward awareness of strengths and weaknesses within a team.

  • Identifying potential leaders within your team 

  • Bringing out the fun in your team. 

If this sounds like an experience you are interested in, don't hesitate and fill in our booking request. One of our team will happily get back to you and discuss your requirements. 

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