You and your friends are driving along route 66 when you notice your gas running low, a friend suggests to make a turn at the next set of crossroads to see if there is a gas station…

You don’t find a gas station but decide to look for gas in the one place you have discovered by taking that WRONG TURN…. Will you escape or will regret that wrong turn?

*Please note, this room requires a small amount of crawling*

Copy of Copy of Movie Film Theatre Free
Copy of Copy of Movie Film Theatre Free


You and your friends have been given the challenge to find and steal a Laboratory’s TOP secret remedy needed to cure a deadly disease. You have been you have been entrusted with all the information you need to gain entry to the lab but no idea how to find the antidote undetected and once inside you find yourselves trapped by the auto lock doors. Do you have what it takes to save lives and escape the lab with the antidote?


Bentham Asylum has been standing since the 1900's. In 1950 Bentham was given the nickname BEDLAM because of the events that happened in those 50 years, In 1974 Cell p23 was mysteriously locked without an explanation as to why. Bedlam has secrets that need to be uncovered. You and your team are the top journalists in your field, you have been tasked with uncovering the secrets that are held behind Cell P23's walls. Can you go undercover, get in the cell undetected and escape with all the documents that will uncover the secrets of BEDLAM? 

*Please note, some team members will be required to crawl in this room*

Copy of Copy of Movie Film Theatre Free
Copy of Copy of Movie Film Theatre Free


A German U-Boat named UI-55 was found in the River Thames, Have you and your team got what it takes to sneak aboard and retrieve all of Britains wealth.

Have you got what it takes to collect all the Loot in this puzzle crazy room?